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 This latest situation appears to have accelerated very quickly, why?

These particular types of cause and effect issues are dependent on the passage of time; and the time came.

Were you ever approached by anyone in regard to accommodating this, or any other associated developmental expansion?

No. We had no requests for accommodations and our later offers to accommodate, (after their intrusions), were rebuffed and our concerns of potential damages to other surrounding landowners were ignored.

So, why were you never approached?

If we were approached and were not accommodating; The desire of vested interests would have been established. 

Why is accommodation and desire relevant?

For a basis in regards to accommodation; please review the Developer History from It Was the Worst of times; 2003 - 2008. The landowners / developers were forthright; they desired accommodation. We accommodated.  

Why is accommodation relevant in this case?

A once advertised Thirty Million Dollar Partnered Developmental expansion was all dependent on one area.

What Area?

Please refer to the topographical map on the right.

The Area in Red is the commercial area that the taxpayer funded developmental expansion brought forth.

The area in Red Is Not Representative of Thirty Million Dollar Developmental Expansion Acreage.

The area in Red Is Not Representative of A project finished representation of 25 available acres. As Covered Here.

A $400,000 Dollar Per Acre Price Tag is not representative of either a 30 or 25 Acre Developmental Expansion.

The area highlighted in Blue is a massive valley. It is our property inclusive to and with the approximate areas of property owned by Government and Business Partnered entities.

Thus, the above stage hinged on the above mentioned massive valley.

So accommodation was not relevant. The relevant aspect was total acquisition. It's that simple.



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