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Oversight And Maintenance:  Storm Drainage Retention System

On July 6, 2005; A letter was sent to three entities concerning the stability of this retention pond


" I am writing in concern about the retention pond that is being built adjoining our property on Corpening Drive. I have had more than one experienced individual to volunteer observations that this pond is not going to hold. I do not know if they mean the size, holding capacity, the thin wall of the dam facing us, or the amount of water that is going to be diverted into it.

Taking into account the current flow of water that comes into the area of the pond, by September of 2005, the properties that are currently known as Platinum Properties buildings B and C, will have water diverted into a ditch that feeds directly into the pond. Please evaluate your engineering again as to the amount of water runoff you are going to divert into this pond. I do not know if you are going to try to divert all the water from the development into this pond area. If so, I would hope you would re-evaluate and maybe consider building a second pond in another area and divert some water to it."

A response was received on July 27, 2005 addressing the concerns covered within the July 6, 2005 letter.

Sediment Removal And Maintenance: Storm Drainage Retention System

During the construction of the Storm Drainage Retention Pond we had been informed that it would need to have it's sediment, periodically removed.

This message matched the 1999 EPA Guidelines: Storm Water Technology Fact Sheet, Wet Detention Ponds; Operation and Maintenance.

An Excerpt: "Wet Detention Ponds function more effectively when they are regularly inspected and maintained...should be inspected after every storm event ... routinely inspected for structural integrity especially after major storm events ... Failure to correct minor problems may lead to larger and more expensive repairs or pond failure... Large vegetation or trees that may weaken the embankment should be removed..."


The State, City or Developer would not accept oversight of the Federally Funded Corpening Drive Storm Drainage Pond. Thus, oversight did not exist in any form. No inspections or maintenance of any kind was performed on said retention system since it's creation in 2005.

Seven years after it's inception expensive repairs and sediment removal occurred in June of 2012 to said Federally Funded Storm Drainage Retention Pond. No explanations have been offered to the public for it's seven year abandonment.  An abandonment that led to a complete lack of oversight, deterioration, long over do and reluctant repairs and damages to legacy areas of a small city.

Note: The level of abandonment, that was uncovered in October of 2011, would have led to major massive failures. (As was the case, with another man-made massive support slope, In 2014).

In 2012, the Government performed cosmetic repairs, that would hold off massive failures for another day. Nevertheless, in 2014 a State examining official viewed the Retention Pond far too inadequate for the existing developmental area, yet adequate for any further developmental undertakings.


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