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Cultural Aspects

 2003 Timeline:  Positive International Exposure - An Unexpected journey

We were introduced to individuals, who were internationally seasoned and interested in the cultural aspects of areas they visited. These individuals became enamored with West Virginia's beauty and the generosity of the people they had encountered. 

An enamored view that grew. So, we put forth great physical and financial efforts in a scenario of local plans to accommodate this budding International interest in West Virginia. We realized that the foundation we were laying would need to be handed off to capable representatives in West Virginia to build on.

The Handoff Never Materialized. By February of 2007, we were immersed in another Vexing Episode, which forced us to cancel our participation in a September of 2007 Hungarian event.  
 Vexations & Negative  International Exposure

A Vexing Timeline had been running congruent with The Most Postive. We had been dealing with the most inexplicable of geopolitical realties. Whereas, no quarter was given as devastating forces were repeatedly unleashed upon us and our home's geographical location.

By 2007, another Vexing Episode occurred and I reinjured myself. We were strained in other areas, and to put on a smiling face and still be "unofficial ambassadors" that were presenting a false political image of West Virginia was difficult, if not plain wrong. We informed their European friends that they had to cancel their 2007 participation in the Hungarian event.

The Europeans flew to West Virginia to visit us instead. At which time the reasons for their cancellation was explained. The distressed areas a were visible, striking and quite easily observed.  

 2007  Unfortunate Observations - An End

A former World Wide Sales Chief from Daimler Mercedes could not believe Terradon Engineering's Lateral Support Repairs were even allowed, yet alone the original construction.

"When someone wants to build a structure, they first get approval from the adjoining landowners".

"Once construction begins, if something is wrong, the local authority would stop work until it is corrected and if something like this occurred, a judge would order the building torn down and the fill removed".

The role of attorneys within the geo-political arena was mentioned.

"Germany also has attorneys; attorneys would not matter in such a situation."

"This is something that could occur in a later referenced Banana Republic, not in America. "This is America, this is not proper behavior".

The contradictions were just too great and the promotion of West Virginia's hidden, (business), potential ended with a thud. All the work, finances and efforts we put forth to accommodate this said potential was adrift and likely over. Nevertheless, we were still urged to attend the annual Hungarian event the following year.  

 2008:  Rescheduled Event - You Have Represented Your Country Well

We traveled to Eastern Europe in 2008 and experienced a country of burgeoning hope. Whereas stories of an infrastructure deficient and impoverished society with rampant alcoholism could not be discerned; only heard about through stories.

Our visits to Bogacs and Eger Hungary were personally engaging. My wife and I drove a 1959 Imperial with American flags in their area's land rally event. Whereas, our names and home state were broadcast on Hungarian media on multiple occasions. My wife's attaching American lapel flag pins to the appreciative. A prominent Hungarian businessman gets emotional and states; "To think Americans, Germans, Hungarians and Romanians at one table. We meet Jonathon. A serious man who misses the former Communist governance, would get emotional as we board the train in Budapest to leave. A beautiful cabin has been arranged by the Hungarian businessmen with instructions that no one is to interfere with the Americans. Overall; a very positive experience, whereas
letters and expressions of appreciation were forwarded from some of the most wonderful people we had met:

"I would have to make a list of the people who send their regards"

"They want to know when the Americans are coming back."

"Some have never seen Americans before", (Eastern Europe).

"You have represented your country well, they love you. You are from America, so they love America" (Eastern Europe).

"They were pleased by the respect shown towards the historic and cultural aspects of their country."

Difficult Aspects

We took in what the Hungarians endured under a previous form of government. The lack of property rights and the embedded results. On the flip side; In West Virginia we were dealing with the most intense of geopolitical pressures that likely exceeded Hungary's Pre-1990 Government.

The tolls were heavy:

The balancing of their careers along with construction interests and implementations coupled to the now phrased "West Virginia Bavarian Connection".

The assistance to an elderly widower and a widow with their issues.

Concerns for other citizens, discarded as opinions, became unfortunate and avoidable realities with a vengeance.

Situations, viewed as crimes in modern democracies, managed toward an end with the most unnatural persistence by vested interests.

Distraction, fatigue; obligations cancelled, etc...  

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