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Construction History: Storm Drainage Retention System

2003; Prior to construction, two storm drainage retention ponds, (noted 2 and 3),  had been removed.

The ponds removal and the subsequent logging took place in late 2003 were the Major Contributing Factors in regard to the release of extreme storm drainage that damaged our property, our access street and other areas within the city, (village) of Bridgeport, West Virginia.

So egregious that In July of 2004; An Agitated Retired Supervisor For The City of Bridgeport Filed A Complaint with the United States Forestry Service.

2005-2006 Construction

In May of 2005; Major deforestation took place for the soon to be storm drainage retention pond and it's adjacent support slope.

The advertised reason for the deforestation was for a road initially advertised as congestion relief, that was later criticized by the local media as the Road to Nowhere. The reason for the construction of the road, Platinum Drive, then changed: It was for developmental purposes.

Note: The major deforestation took place when my wife and I were at an event in Italy. My youngest son was the only one home at the time, relayed the fact that a virgin forest was having it's trees ripped out and then burned in massive pyre formations. Alone and shaken, he described it as something out of Lord of The Rings. I was thousands of miles away and could only wonder about our home area.

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