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Water Point Source

 2005: EPA Guidelines Relative To The Partner's Completed & Then Abandoned Retention Pond

1999 EPA Guidelines: Relative To The Partner's Completed & Then Abandoned 2005 Retention Pond. Storm Water Technology Fact Sheet, Wet Detention Ponds; Operation and Maintenance:

Excerpts: "Wet Detention Ponds function more effectively when they are regularly inspected and maintained...should be inspected after every storm event ... routinely inspected for structural integrity especially after major storm events ... Failure to correct minor problems may lead to larger and more expensive repairs or pond failure... Large vegetation or trees that may weaken the embankment should be removed..."

2012 - 2013: Seven Years After Completion - The Abandoned Area Is Addressed After Professional Intervention

Seven Years after it's completion; In June of 2012, The Tax Payer Funded Corpening Drive Retention Pond, which has contributed to a City's woes, underwent expensive repair and sediment removal operations. However, It Took:

The Insistence and Documentation on my part.

The Retention Pond's Failure in August 2011.

A German Engineering Professional finished report of April of 2012.

Notification Signage

On July 23, 2013; Inquiries were made to the Department of Environment Protection concerning discharged Retention Pond sediment, (past and present), and the placement of notification signage.

On September of 2013; Eight years after it's completion, Signage was placed regarding Corpening Drive's Water Point Source. A  Governmental Entity responsible for its oversight was named: The City of Bridgeport.

Of Note

With the past being indicative of the future, responsibility will be coordinatively laundered down through the use of Limited Liability Companies.


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