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Corpening Drive Storm Drainage Retention Pond

Liability and Responsibility



June, 2007; Frank Lacaria, (generational occupant of the area since 1929), noted that the terrain work from a recently constructed retention pond and slope area had changed the wind direction in the valley. As such: The trees near our new building needed to be removed as the changed wind direction meant that said trees would fall towards our building.

I contacted the City of Bridgeport, (Harrison County Records showed the land owned by the Bridgeport Planning Authority). I was informed that the COB does not remove trees; if trees do fall, it is an insurance issue.

A few weeks later, two large trees twisted, broke and fell towards our building. I sent the information card, on the right, to the City of Bridgeport to turn over to the City's Insurance Company.

A few weeks after the trees fell, a large limb fell at the entrance of our building. I sent a letter and pictures to the Bridgeport City Mayor asking for permission to remove or top some of the trees on the City of Bridgeport Planning Authorities Property.

A Cincinnati Insurance representative came by to look over the area. He could not see how, in the wording of the agreement, that Platinum Properties was responsible. He left our property in route to the City of Bridgeport.

Joint Responsibility

We received a letter from the Cincinnati Insurance agent that informed us that since we had not received any damage, it was not an insurance issue. (I had already paid to have the fallen trees removed from our property)

The agent informed Platinum Properties and the City of Bridgeport to work together and take care of the situation. Later, the City Official and a Petroplus Properties representative came out with a contractor to look over the situation. The parties did have some of the ominous standing tress removed.

The preceding was simple tree removal and trimming. An item that should have been managed expeditiously. However, it was of long duration as turmoil between the Partners appeared to ensue.

Strategic Turmoil

Fate provided insight into how future catastrophic failures likely would be handled. An Arena of Attorney Managed and Insurance Companies would invoke various strategies of managed outcomes regarding complete avoidance of liability, or the processes of singular to shared liability/s amongst the Partnered Entitles.

Partnered Entities: A Developer's LLC or ever-increasing / changing LLC's; An American City; An American State, and Millions of Tax Payer Funds.




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