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Public Notification

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Public Notification
July 2011

Eighteen months had passed since the general developmental drainage concerns were presented to the Harrison County Commission. The Open And Notorious Concerns Were Not Addressed. So, on July 28, 2011 Public & Official Notifications Were Implemented in the form of: www.wvcountryroads.us.

Ten days later, a rain storm occurred...

July 28, 2011  -  Public Notification   Historical Imagery    


Expeditious Realizations

The year earlier, open and notorious concerns, that were presented in letter and at a subsequent County Commission Meeting on February 2, 2010; became realities.

On August 8, 2011: The pond, which was supposedly built two and one half times the size needed in regards to the often used "legalize" term of a 100 year storm failed. (Analogous to an 8 ounce cup that had 5 ounces of sediment in it, before 6 ounces of water was poured into it).

● August 9, 2011: Both newspaper Image and an associated Newspaper article illustrate the timeliness of the July 28, 2011 notification and it's year a half earlier notice to authorities.







History Repeating Itself

The large slope area, that encroached the southern front of our property, was as well thought out in construction, oversight and maintenance; as the support slope that Platinum Properties, The City of Bridgeport and Thrasher Engineering had allowed to encroach on the Western Front Of Our Property.

Both support slopes were to be functional props that inject "time" in between cause and effect.

Weeks prior to the above mentioned August 8, 2011 storm a local businessman contacted me. He was upset about the failing storm retention pond's recently released drainage and sediment. A condition that was affecting his access and property. (Pictured below). A few weeks later Delegate Manchin's Request and Mr. Kennedy's view's were published. These two articles and the complaint of this lower businessman, coupled with our own concerns led to the public notice to local and state authorities on July 28, 2011. Ten days after said public notice and 18 months after private written and oral notices, the retention pond failed.


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