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2010 - Harrison County Commission Letter of Concerns - Governmental Oversight

Note: The 2005 Lead Engineer had stressed that I needed to make sure that the retention pond was maintained. I did to no avail. The Partnered City Of Bridgeport, Platinum Properties nor the State of West Virginia would take responsibility for the taxpayer funded slope and retention pond.

Actually, there was great background legalese to make sure all would not have to, so much so; that the Partners did not even want to take Responsibility For Fallen Trees.


On February 21, 2010; A letter was forwarded to the Harrison County Commission concerning general developmental drainage concerns:

"I am writing about the disbursement of the federal subsidized loans or stimulus funding reported in the Clarksburg Exponent Telegram last week. ... Our desire is that the current request for federal funding by the corporation CityNet for planned development on property owned by CityNet, Platinum Properties, Petroplus Lane, Petroplus LLC, Platinum Leasing, any derivative thereof or any partnership, public or private concerning said property, be attached to DEP re-evaluation and oversight in the area of storm management.

This request for DEP re-evaluation should be established prior to construction of any permanent building facility or facilities, on or near, the above mentioned properties. To understand our concerns you need to review the same presented to the Bridgeport City Council on November 9, 2009. It is located ....The COB Engineer has notified the Developer, Platinum Properties or Petroplus LLC that the retention pond needs to be cleaned out. If the Developer heeds the COB Engineer is unknown, however past precedent would make one believe they will not.

The immediate focus is the second concern listed: Future Concern: The above plateau area that discharges drainage to this particular retention pond.

This is the planned location for the new City Net Complex. This issue of Storm Water Drainage Management may be out of your jurisdiction; however the responsible disbursement of development is within your jurisdiction. This area has suffered for lack of Storm Management. Responsibility and maintenance of existing constructed Storm Water Management Retention Ponds has not been singularly established. Can the current requested funding be diverted, or used for the concerns listed above?

Around December, 2009, the COB applied for 2.1 million in forgivable federal loans for Storm Water Drainage Management for the construction of multiple storm water retention ponds on property that is under purchase agreement and is adjacent to or adjoining the Charles Pointe Development. I believe confirmation of such funding was reported in February, 2010.

Please understand we are not in opposition to responsible development. The Lacaria family has maintained strong favorable relations with all adjoining developers and businesses for decades. This can be substantiated. However, Storm Drainage Management is of paramount importance to us and other landowners that would be affected by a failure of the retention pond of concern.

Thank you for you consideration in this matter.

A Subsequent Meeting

A subsequent meeting was held at the Harrison county courthouse concerning the above mentioned release of Federal Stimulus Funds.

Representatives for most, if not all, vested interests were present. 

The commission stated that the letter would become part of the record.

The commission notified the legal council for the City of Bridgeport, who was at the meeting, to address the concerns.

The Open And Notorious Concerns, Listed Above, Were Not Addressed In Any Regard.

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